Social Service Assistant- 2 positions

Ontario CW office is currently hiring two Social Service Assistant positions. Please consider applying or sharing with interested individuals!

Child Welfare has two openings for a Social Service Assistant (SSA) – Family Time Visitation Coordinator in our Ontario office.

What SSA’s do:

· Ensure that people are treated compassionately and with dignity so that children and family members feel respected and valued.

· Implement visitation agreements and gather the information necessary to plan such visits.

· Provide information to families about community services and resources.

· Recommend needed services to caseworkers for planning purposes.

· Transport children for parenting time/visitation with parents & family.

· Provide court testimony.

· Provide behavioral support to children in temporary lodging, including redirection and guidance.

· Keep accurate notes and documents and enter information into database.

· Maintain care for children in temporary lodging related to hygiene, school, appointments, etc.

· Support the emotional needs of children by explaining processes and answering their questions.

This has been posted on Workday Career Opportunities website.

The job posting will close on February 21 , 2022 at 11:59 PM.

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