OHCS Oregon Oregon emergency rental assistance program for people impacted by covid-19

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OHCS Oregon Housing Community Services – has an Oregon emergency rental assistance program for people who experienced hardship from Covid-19. $280 million dollars will go to 6 local government agencies to help distribute payments for people at risk of eviction and behind in payments. They have to be at 80% of median income or below.

This began May 19th. Will cover up to 12 months of rent or utilities. Can pay forward 3 months of rent as well. Not a loan program. Not first come first serve. Will be verified by the Community action organizations who will also be the ones distributing the payments. Not everyone who applies will get assistance as there are priority customers. Please check out the Q&A’s on their page.

Checks will be sent directly to landlord or utility service.

Citizenship or immigration status does not matter for this program.

Website to go and apply.,Oregon%20Housing%20Community%20Services%20%28OHCS%29%20and%20its%20subgrantees. Customer will create a profile and will then receive updates.

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