National Farmworker Awareness Week (NFAW)

TVCC-CAMP is celebrating National Farmworker Awareness Week (NFAW) with two events. NFAW is a week of action for students and community members to honor the important contributions of farmworkers and to raise awareness about the issues they face. TVCC-CAMP will be hosting the Bandana Project and a keynote speaker/performance, featuring opera singer Cecilia Violetta Lopez. The Bandana Project is for current TVCC students and staff on campus. The keynote speaker event will be live streamed through Zoom, and anyone is welcome to watch the live stream.

Thank you for your support!

Katya O. Gourley, M.Ed.

Director - TVCC-College Assistance Migrant Program (TVCC-CAMP)

650 College Blvd.

Weese Bldg. – Rm. 108 (CAMP)

Ontario, OR 97914

Office: 541-881-5979

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