Malheur County Equity Stewards

Updated: May 5, 2021

Malheur County (aka the "Western Treasure Valley" or "greater Ontario area) is a welcoming place of opportunity and hope where all people thrive and have a sense of belonging

  • We embrace our children and honor the wisdom of our elders

  • We value individuals with a healthy balance of self-determination and interdependence

  • Our care for each other is tangible in neighborhoods, schools, places of worship and businesses where charity becomes an exchange of grace

  • We encourage meaningful contribution to a thriving local economy, where effort and work are valued and rewarded

While the mission statement is a draft of a new endeavor; the Equity Stewards have been active in Malheur County since 2016. The Malheur County Community Advisory Committee is glad to support continuing their public trainings and leadership for a better community.

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