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I hope you are all doing well! We are reaching out regarding the Idaho Integrated Behavioral Health Network (IIBHN) Conference. The conference will be providing trainings for Integration of Behavioral Health, Integration of Pharmacy, Primary Care, Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM), LGBTQ+ sensitivity for healthcare settings training, Suicide Prevention and Intervention training as well as Opioid Use Disorder training. This year we are holding the conference in a 3 part series (May, July, & September), each series held over two days. May will be entirely virtual, but we will be virtual and in person options for the July and September series.

The May series is free with CEs. If you would like to become an IIBHN Member and receive year round benefits, the July and September conference fees are waived.

A little background on the conference, the purpose of the IIBHN is to assist Idaho primary care and other health systems integrate behavioral health into the healthcare setting to better treat patients in the places they naturally visit. The IIBHN, and C-WHO, have had a strong emphasis over the past few years in making sure health care providers and their staff are better equipped to manage many of the behavioral health conditions that walk through their doors, and to provide a moderate level of intervention for patients, especially in rural settings where specialty behavioral health care isn’t as readily available (specifically related to suicide and opiate use disorders).

Attached are the flyers and link to the conference website so you can see the conference dates and some of our speakers: IIBHN 2021 | Cornerstone Whole Healthcare Organization, Inc. ( .

We encourage you to share the information to your networks as you feel appropriate.

Thank you so much!

[Training PDF Flyer]

[Membership PDF Flyer]

[Sponsorship PDF Flyer]

Jennifer Yturriondobeitia, MSW, DBH

(pronouns: she, her Why pronouns are important! [])

President and CEO | Cornerstone Whole Healthcare Organization, Inc (C-WHO)


Mobile: 208-899-9012 []

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