COVID-19 Vaccine Roll-Out in Oregon

COVID-19 Vaccine Education

The end of the COVID-19 pandemic is in sight with the emergency use approval of two vaccines. Oregon began administering vaccines in December, prioritizing healthcare settings and long-term care facilities. This month, childcare providers, teachers, and school staff, as well as people aged 80 and over, are expected to have priority access to the vaccines. To learn more about Oregon's vaccine sequencing, please visit the Oregon Health Authority's COVID-19 website. Boost Oregon knows that there is hesitancy about these vaccines across diverse demographics, and we are ready to address it. Our COVID-19 Task Force, comprised of volunteer medical providers and public health professionals, created the curricula and leads community workshops for the public and seminars for providers on COVID-19 vaccines. Learn more on our COVID-19 Resources page and submit a request to schedule one or more programs. Our COVID-19 Resources page will be updated as we develop additional printed and digital materials. In the meantime, check our blog and social media for the most up-to-date information.

Boost Oregon in the News: NPR

National Public Radio's "All Things Considered" featured Boost Oregon's executive director, Nadine Gartner, on a recent episode about COVID-19 vaccines. Interviewed by Michel Martin, Nadine shared strategies for talking about the vaccines with hesitant friends and family members. The interview was broadcast again as an episode of NPR's Life Kit podcast. Another public radio program, On Point, spotlighted Boost Oregon's community workshops as an effective way to combat vaccine hesitancy. Listen to all three segments by clicking on the hyperlinks above.

Medical Providers: How can Boost Oregon Support Your Practice?

If you have patients with questions or concerns about vaccines for themselves or their children, please direct them to our workshops, digital and printed materials, and videos. Dr. Dita is a pediatrician in Oregon City who uses our videos in her patients' well-visits; learn more by watching the video here.

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Wildfires are a local concern

Need an idea for a high school senior project or Scouting event? Have a community service requirement to fulfill? Want to get your family or civic organization involved in the community? Wildfire is a leading threat to communities in Eastern Oregon. There are ways that you can volunteer in the effort to prevent wildfires and lower your community’s risk. The following is a list of ideas, depending on the person’s skill set, comfort level, and time commitment. These are all ways to contribute to your County’s Community Wildfire Protection Plan. All these ideas are suitable for one or more participants. The Vale District BLM -Division of Fire Management (fire prevention staff) can help coordinate with anyone interested in any of these themes and helping to make our homes, communities, and public lands safer.

Wildfire Community Preparedness Day (Sponsored by the National Fire Protection Association)

Lots of ideas here….the BLM may be able to help provide some materials and supplies if needed.

Teens for Wildfire Safe Communities

Fire prevention video – Communications and Technology skills

Create a video that Vale BLM and Fire Departments can post on approved social media platforms. The focus of the video would be wildfire fire prevention as it pertains to shooting and taking care of your public lands. Or you can also choose to do a video on how vehicles (cars, trucks, motorhomes, ATVs, motorbikes) can start a wildfire and how to help prevent that. Or maybe fireworks? We are open to other ideas.

Wildfire rehabilitation - Labor

After wildfires are declared out on public lands, firefighters also work to rehabilitate the land that has been burned. This could include planting seedlings, fence repair, removing debris from the fire, and more. We can help set up a workday on a local fire rehabilitation project to assist firefighters and public land stewards in their efforts to restore these burned landscapes.

Custom artwork for a fire prevention themed game – Art skills (painter)

Are you a painter? Vale BLM needs an artistic touch on a public education tool. Vale BLM can provide “the canvas” and the reimbursement for the art supplies used. You just supply the talent.

Smokey Bear/fire prevention/firefighter themed art – Art skills (crafter)

Many smaller fire departments suffer from a lack of funding. The item produced can be donated to your local fire department to be auctioned-off at the annual Snake River Valley Fire Chief’s banquet (or other public sale forum). Proceeds for the auction go to the Snake River Valley Training Officer’s Association that coordinates and pays for local firefighter training opportunities. Some examples include fire themed artistic signs, furniture, quilts, housewares, cool tools, etc. Do an internet image search for “firefighter gift ideas.” Tools, imagination, and art/crafting skills required. Maybe you can get a donation for the materials? Vale BLM may also help provide some ideas and materials.

Help your Rangeland Fire Protection Association (RFPA) – Shop skills

All RFPAs are local volunteer firefighting organizations sanctioned by the State Board of Forestry that suffer from a lack of funding and many with a lack of help. Some RFPAs may need some help with maintaining firefighting equipment and/or vehicles or other general duty tasks that don’t involve directly fighting fires. Contact Vale BLM or Malheur County Emergency Management for an RFPA contact in your area.

Other ideas

Ready Kids has tools, information, and project ideas to help before, during and after disasters.

Depending on the project, Vale BLM may be able to assist with funding or other contributions. Other ideas? Let’s talk! Know someone else who may be interested… such as students, faculty, volunteers, service organizations, junior firefighter programs, homeowner associations, or others? Please forward this memo to them. Or contact Al Crouch - Fire Mitigation Specialist at 541-473-6361 or for more information and questions.


Collaborative Virtual Workshops Offered by the Oregon Small Business Development Center

Having a robust social media platform is an important component of your business marketing plan. Our partners at the BMCC SBDC are offering this 4-part Digital Marketing workshop series to all SBDC clients. Register for these virtual workshops and then schedule your individual business advisory meeting with your local Treasure Valley Community College business advisor to apply this directly to your business.


This 4-part series will begin by familiarizing you with the primary social media platforms, their uses and how tot get them setup for your business. It will move into setting up a website, from standard sites to e-commerce platforms. Finally, we will cover the fundamentals of building a following, engaging with an audience and how to understand the integration between social media, websites, paid ads, and selling your products or services. The focus of this series is to provide you the tools to build your business digitally and enhance exposure. Join us every Wednesday in February at NO COST TO YOU!

February 3rd 10-11 am: Social Media Overview

In this session learn each of the major social media platform's purpose, and why you would want to set up your business on each platform. We cover Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter as well as some tips to reinvigorate any social media accounts that you already have set up. We also learn how to make sure that your business shows up on Google with all the correct details.

February 10th 10-11 am: Social Media Setup

In this session learn step-by-step how to get your business set up on each of the major social media platforms. We cover Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter including what you need before you get started, and what to expect during the process of setting everything up.

February 17th 10-11 am: Websites & E-Commerce

In this session learn about standard website building platforms including WordPress, Wix, and Squarespace as well as the pros and cons of each. We also cover the major Ecommerce platforms including Shopify, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce and build off the last session explaining social media integration.

February 24th 10-11 am: Grow Your Following

Now that your business in on all the social media platforms and your website is set up, how do you build and grow your following and drive engagements? In this session learn how! We also cover the creation and use of social media shops to help maximize your business's potential and learn about paid advertising.

Register here for Session 1: Social Media Overview

Register here for Session 2: Social Media Setup

Register here for Session 3: Websites and E-Commerce

Register here for Session 4: Grow Your Following

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